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Our re-enactment group is based on a historic organization that flourished in Northern Europe from the 12th through mid-17th century, they were known as the the Hanseatic League. We portray a traveling Hanseatic merchant caravan that has stopped to do business at a trade faire (renaissance faire). The encampment is our administration office and living quarters and our traveling merchants have set up their boothes to sell their wares thoughout the faire.

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Our premise is the unique diversity of the merchant caravan; this allows our members to create and develop characters from almost anywhere in the world. The people traveling with a merchant caravan was a mixture of diverse cultures brought together for the sake of safety and companionship while traveling the trade routes throughout the medieval and renaissance world.

Members of such caravans often have included merchants, performers, scholars, and artisans. The caravan would also consists of many support personnel such as mercenaries for protection, hunters to provide food, serving and cooking wenches, blacksmiths, weavers, cobblers, and livestock handlers.

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Because of the sheer diversity of the Hanseatic League it is possible you might encounter exotic people for the time period such as: Middle Eastern belly dancers, African drummers, or Chinese silk merchants.

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We have been participating in the Florida Renaissance Festival at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach, Florida for the last 10 years and Camelot Days at T.Y. Park in Hollywood, Florida since it opened in November 2002. We intend to add as many new fairs in Florida as member's schedules allow.