Hanseatic League Historical Re-Enactors
Camp Lily


Lily is the newest addition to our group and anyone who is around her for more than five minutes is completely besotted with her.

How do you transform a group of adults into babbling idiots?
Add one baby!

Lily and her mother
Lily and her mother.

Lily enjoying the parade
Lily enjoying the parade.

Lily and Dad
Lily and her Father

Like my new hat
I look great in Daddy's hat!

Lily in daddy's hat

Playing in the dirt
Playing in the dirt

Lily can work those eyebrows.
Whaddaya mean I'm not a wench yet?

Lily and friends
Lily and her new friends

Another daddy's hat shot

Lost child stew
Lost child stew - its real

Lily and more friends
Tell me if you've heard this one:
Two Limeybirds, a violinist and a baby walk into a pub....

Lily and Limeybirds

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