Hanseatic League Historical Re-Enactors
Meet our Characters

We are a historical re-enactment group that portrays a traveling merchant caravan from the late Medieval to Renaissance period and we perform at various Renaissance faires and pirate events throughout South Florida.

2009 group photo
horizontal line Members of the Hanseatic League(TM)

Bergen Kontor (South Florida)

Lord Sven von Lillienskjold
Lord Sven von Lillienskjold
Sean of Amorica
Sean of Amorica,
Salt Merchant
Bridget O'Beyme
Bridget O'Beyme,
former Kitchen Mistress
Mary MeOff
Mary MeOff,
Kitchen Mistress
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Andreas Fuchs
Andreas Fuchs,
Navigator, Ale Founder
Kaptian Olav
Kaptian Olav

Amelia Rosethorne
Amelia Rosethorne
Abigail DeLuna
Abigail DeLuna
Healer, Herbalist
Fire Dave
David LePompier,
Master Firetender
Theolonius Fidd
Theolonius Fidd,
Sirius A. Fronte
Sirius A. Fronte,
Danny, laborer
Zachari De Black
Zachari DeBlack, Master Firetender, League Messenger
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Voss Kontor (North Carolina)

Brona MacCarthy
Brona MacCarthy,
Hansgraf, Spice Merchant
Joseph Wolf
Joseph Wolf,
Mercenary Kaptian
Maeve MacCarthy
Maeve MacCarthy,
Kitchen Wench
Sean MacCarthy
Sean MacCarthy,
Hansgraf's Son & Heir